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Activ E-Book Compiler

Activ E-Book Compiler

Activ E-Book Compiler is one of the less expensive eBook software compilers with a full-featured free trial and an easy to use interface. It can have you up and running quickly with your eBook project.

Activ E-Book Compiler creates .EXE files quickly and easily that can be viewed using any Internet browser.  You do not need to know any HTML or other programming to add great features to your eBook.  And because it is browser based, your customers do not need any additional software to buy and read your eBook.  There is a full security system built in where you can assign unique usernames and passwords to prevent having your eBook shared or stolen.

In addition, Activ E-Book Compiler has great marketing benefits.  You can create a "free preview" version of your eBook for people to read and share.  You can easily embed a link to your website or shopping cart in your free preview making it easy to buy the full version. (PayPal works with Activ E-Book Compiler too!) 

With Activ E-Book Compiler you can create unlimited numbers of eBooks using the easy to use step by step wizard.  The software also allows you to add advanced tools such as Video, Audio, Flash, DHTML, and so on.

There are too many features to list here but here are some examples;  start up messages, built in search if you have a large eBook, setting the number of days that you eBook is available to be read before it needs to purchased, advanced scripts, each book can have a unique desktop icon, and much more.

The best part is that Activ E-Book Compiler software only costs $49.95.  Check out this inexpensive package that is great for the non techs among us and is definitely powerful enough for the advanced user to add real pizzazz to their eBook project.

*Activ E-Book Compiler is included in our feature by feature comparison of the top eBook Development Software packages. Check out Almisco’s eBook Software Guide! Save a bunch of time and it’s totally Free.

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